Winnakee Nature Preserve

About Winnakee Nature Preserve

Winnadonatebuttonkee Nature Preserve conserves part of the estate of Colonel Archibald Rogers, a neighbor and close friend of the Roosevelt family. It was on Rogers’ land where FDR learned about forestry and was imbued with a deep love of the land and natural habitats. The historic culverts, canals, and trails within the preserve are artifacts of Rogers’ 19th-century innovations in forest management. Some of the trees on the tour date from this period, while others are recent introductions. This arboretum is an opportunity to slow down and notice details that speak to us about the ever-changing world of the forest. The nature preserve consists of 105 acres with extensive public hiking trails, protected forever by Winnakee Land Trust.

Amenities of Winnakee Nature Preserve:

The Winnakee Educational Arboretum

The Winnakee Nature Preserve Podcast Trail Tour

Annual Habitat Build at the Preserve 

Hyde Park Healthy Trails Walkabout


Getting there…

This beautiful historic wooded property is just off Route 9 on Van Dam Road in  Hyde Park, NY (41.778701, -73.930970; this is the main entrance, the Arboretum tour starts here.)

Another entrance with additional parking is on Terwilliger Road, Hyde Park (41.775270, -73.925879).









Click here to view a Winnakee Nature Preserve Trail Map.