Protected Farm in the Town of Clinton

Many Hudson Valley residents have become familiar with the slogan, “No farms, no food” and although it seems like an obvious proclamation, our country continues to lose an estimated 50 acres of farmland every hour to industrial development. Winnakee Land Trust takes the preservation of farmland very seriously.

The agricultural industry is more than just a staple in the Hudson Valley economy. The United States consists of some of the most  productive farmland in the world, and if we continue to that land at a rate consistent with population growth, our ability to feed families will be compromised. In addition to our own needs, approximately half of our nation’s protected species rely on agricultural land for 80 percent of more of their habitat.

Over a third of the land protected by Winnakee Land Trust is productive farmland. Our easements legally and permanently protect these vital regions from development. To learn more about protecting your farm  from development, visit our Conservation Easement page.


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