Our Mission

The mission of the Winnakee Land Trust is to protect and preserve the natural, agricultural, recreational, architectural, cultural, scenic, historical, and open space resources of northern Dutchess County. This includes farmland, viewsheds, wetlands, wildlife habitats, and undisturbed natural areas.

At the heart of the Winnakee’s mission is a deedonatebuttonp regard for the history and natural beauty of northern Dutchess County. Winnakee Land Trust is a not for profit organization and was incorporated in 1989 to preserve and protect the natural, scenic and recreational resources of the Towns and Villages of Rhinebeck and Red Hook, the Towns of Clinton and Milan and the Village of Tivoli.  In these municipalities in northwest Dutchess County, land conservation, open space, trails and farmland preservation is pursued by Winnakee.

As an accredited land trust, Winnakee not only protects farmland and natural habitats from development, but provides public recreational opportunities through its two parks—Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill in Rhinebeck and Winnakee Nature Preserve in Hyde Park. We also have established miles of public access trails and are continually working to add to those. We host several educational and volunteer events a year and love to bring our communities together to enjoy the landscape we share.

Winnakee believes in smart growth. Balancing land protection with appropriate development will ensure that our communities continue to have all the resources they need for generations to come. We are happy to work with local planners toward protecting land of high conservation value while providing for smart, sensitive development.