Podcast Trail Tour

Podcast Trail Tour

The Winnakee Nature Preserve Podcast Trail Tour

This series of podcasts will take you back in time to when the 105-acre forest was still the estate of Colonel Archibald Rogers. Learn about the diverse wildlife and habitat hosted by the Preserve and the importance of our community volunteers. This podcast even probes the Colonel’s influence over young Roosevelt’s lifelong  passion for forestry! 

Podcast locations are marked by stars on the Winnakee Nature Preserve Trail Map

The Trail Tour can be accessed at every podcast station in Winnakee Nature Preserve. Using your cellphone, dial 845 475 3819 and enter your “stop number” as indicated by the sign. Or, use your smartphone to scan the provided QR code.










You may also access the podcasts here:

1. Winnakee Trailhead

2. Old Roads New Trails

3. Wildlife of Winnakee

4.Colonel’s Plantation

5.Volunteer Trail Builders

6. First Steward