Meeting Summary – September 21, 2017

Winnakee-Dutchess Trails Roundtable
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Meeting Summary – September 21, 2017

Welcome and introductions
1. Matt Kierstead is the Owner/Proprietor of Milestone Heritage Consulting, a locally-based business that provides professional cultural resource survey, documentation, planning and public history interpretation services for historic engineering, industrial and transportation resources. Milestone’s clients include government agencies, private developers and the heritage tourism industry. Matt’s focus areas include the history and technology of bridges, mining and quarrying, metallurgy, power generation, and rail transportation.
Matt gave a presentation to the group entitled, Dutchess County Rail Trails: Heritage Interpretation Opportunities. Matt has an interesting and highly relevant perspective in this era of re-purposing defunct or under-utilized rail corridors, a perspective that submits we ought view rail trails not solely as linear parks, but also as corridors rich with historic industrial and transportation interpretation opportunities.
To view Matt’s presentation, click HERE.

2. Winnakee-Dutchess Trails Roundtable Survey
The Trails Roundtable is wrapping-up it’s second full year of quarterly meetings. We strive to always improve our content, approach and effectiveness in assisting trails projects in Dutchess County. As such, we’d like to hear feedback from folks who have attended the meetings. Please take a moment to fill-out our very brief survey HERE. Please email your completed survey to

3. Trail Committee Case Statement
There has been a great deal of discussion at Roundtable meetings about the prospects for a County-wide Trail Committee. Who would a Dutchess Trail Committee serve or represent? How would the committee be structured? What would the committee offer its constituents? The Trails Roundtable Steering Committee has taken a crack at the first draft of a Case Statement for a DC Trails Committee. We’re looking for feedback on this document, so view it HERE, mark it up and email your thoughts to

4. Final 2017 Roundtable Meeting:
Dec 14, 4pm – 5:30pm
The meeting will be held at the FDR Wallace Center in Hyde Park

Please email all comments, suggestions and questions to


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