June 23, 2016 Meeting

June 23, 2016 Meeting

Meeting Summary – June 23, 2016

Welcome and introductions

  1. March Trails Roundtable: Recap and Updates
    Summary available at: www.winnakee.org/dc-trails-roundtable/
  1. Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning in Dutchess County
    Emily Dozier, Senior Planner, Poughkeepsie-Dutchess County Transportation Council
    Bob Wills, Sr GIS Project Coordinator, Dutchess County Dept of Planning and Development
  • Emily Dozier followed with a 25-minute presentation highlighting some of the work County Planning and the PDTCTC do to provide support to pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure projects, as well as to link transportation systems and on-road facilities with off-road/trail systems. Here is a link to Emily and Bob’s Presentation….
  1. Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail Gap Analysis
    Dan Jeanson, Hudson River Valley Greenway
  • Dan Jeanson provided a quick update on the ongoing effort by Alta Planning and Design to assess the current state of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Trail System. Details of the effort can be found here: http://hrvgconnectionplan.weebly.com/
  1. LaGrange Nature Play Trail
    Sandy Washburn, Town of LaGrange Director of Parks and Rec
  1. Bear Mountain Exhibit: Trails for People
    Hank Osborn, Senior Program Coordinator, NY-NJ Trail Conference
  1. Local Project Updates, 2-min status reports
    The following project updates were reported:
  • The Beacon Line is a rail corridor that runs from the City of Beacon west through southern Dutchess County, then dips south into Putnam County. The Beacon Line represents the final stretch of corridor needed for conversion to trail in order to complete the link via trail between Manhattan and the Walkway over the Hudson. A preliminary meeting was hosted on April 5, 2016 by Scenic Hudson, Winnakee Land Trust and the PDCTC/Dutchess-Planning. The intent of the meeting was to orchestrate a coordinated dialogue on the potential and desire for this rail trail among communities along the line. This meeting was a starting point for what will likely be a decade-long endeavor to bring the trail to fruition. For more information contact BryanR@gmail.com
  • A quick update o the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail indicated steady progress continues. For details on the project click this link: http://www.hudsonfjordtrail.org/
  • An effort is underway to connect Peach Hill Park in Poughkeepsie with the Dutchess Rail Trail. For details about the park and contact info, click this link:  http://peach-hill-park.org/
  1. Upcoming Trails Roundtable Meetings
    4PM – 5:30PM at the Dutchess County Farm and Home Center
    September 22, 2016
    December 15, 2016
  1. Upcoming Roundtable Presentations:
  • NY/NJ Trail Conf: Sustainable Trail Design
  • Dutchess Rail Line History: Regional Connections
  • HRVG: Gaps Analysis -> opportunities, constraints, and vision

Please email suggested presentation topics to info@winnakee.org