Habitat build with Cub Scout Pack 122

On November 3rd, Winnakee met with Cub Scout Troop 122 to build brush pile habitats at Winnakee Nature Preserve! The Scouts built 13 habitats overall as part of an effort to earn their Conservation Award badge.

The habitats will help provide shelter for rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, mice, and other small forest-dwelling animals. Some of the larger habitats could even house foxes or skunks. The shelters will help keep the animals hidden from prey and protected from cold weather in the coming months.

Thank you Troop 122!

Conservation Award

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    • I was lucky enough to get to pataiciptre in Ken’s class. It was very informative. I enjoyed all the tips and tricks. My two favorites were the fire system involving two connected holes (can’t recall the correct name) and the jail house match. BTW I am the guy with the acorn caps. They make excellent whistles!

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