Easements in the Hudson Valley

Easements in the Hudson Valley
By Lauren Kingman
Lord Tennyson wrote “in the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” In the Hudson Valley, caring landowners are turning their thoughts to easements. Whether their land features important habitat, scenic views, historic structures, peaceful woodlands, fertile soils, vernal pools, complex wetlands, streams, ponds, notable animals and plants, open fields, or active agriculture, concerned landowners want to preserve the unique qualities of the land they love for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations. Granting an easement to Winnakee will preserve these special resources in perpetuity.
Each property is unique and the Winnakee Easement Committee carefully considers every potential easement donation to determine its qualities. The Committee reviews property descriptions and maps together with the results of our Stewardship Manager’s detailed onsite evaluations. If the property meets Winnakee’s criteria for acceptance, we will work with the landowner to craft an easement that reflects their goals for the future of the property. The easement may qualify the landowner for federal and/or state tax benefits.
Currently under consideration are several agricultural properties including one with an historic barn, a property with mature woodlands, and a large diverse parcel designated for easement protection as part of a residential subdivision.
For more information on easements and how you can protect your land, please contact Gregg Swanzey, Executive Director, at 845-876-4213 or director@winnakee.org.

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