Protecting My Land

Landowners can protect all or some of their land by establishing a conservation easement. Because each property has unique features, each easement is somewhat different, designed to suit the property and the needs of the landowner.

Getting Started

The first step is to get in touch! Call Warren Rosenthal, Land Protection Manager, at 845-876-4213 or

We will set up a meeting with you, look at some maps, and talk about your plans for the land. We will also provide you with information on the generous tax benefits, Winnakee’s role as a steward of the land, and how to proceed if you are interested.

Our Process 

In evaluating potential easements, Winnakee considers several key criteria. Whether you are limiting future development, saving historic farmland, or protecting a stunning viewshed, establishing an easement is a way of giving to future generations.

Trail easements with public access have slightly different criteria. Winnakee has worked extensively on local trails systems and parkland and is happy to speak with anyone interested in our trails programs.

Once we’ve talked with you and our committee has looked at the proposed project, our stewardship manager will visit your property and make maps and photos that show the landscape in detail.

It’s a terrific way to learn more about your property, and Winnakee aims to be a knowledgeable partner to landowners interested in protecting the land that we all treasure.